My journey into photography is not as straight forward as most. From a very early
age I have always drawn and painted watercolours and pen and ink illustrations were
my preferred choice of creativity.

Eye problems however put paid to my drawing and painting in 2007

I used a camera to take reference shots for my Landscape drawing and painting,
so photography seemed the logical progression for my creativity.

Over the years since I have tried to develop my own style with my work. I am now
at the point where I am happy with it, but want to continue to improve it.

I shoot in camera Raw, much preferring its flexibility over Jpeg files. I process
my work in Nikon Capture NX2. I prefer this software over Photoshop as it is compatable with my Nikon camera's and gives me the results I want. I use Nikon camera's and lenses Cokin filters and Manfrotto tripods.

I want my work to transport the viewer into it were you can sit, look and dream.